Modular Home Builders California

Buying a home is the largest investment that most people ever make. With that in mind, it pays to be choosy. After all, who knows how long it will be before you decide to buy another one? 

Depending on your circumstances, you may want to stay put for the long haul. The home you end up in should meet and exceed all of your expectations, but that’s often easier said than done with existing homes. Building a new home is always an option, but it’s usually expensive; it typically takes a very long time too. Modular home builders in California offer more affordable alternatives, and ELH, Inc. (Easy Living Homes), as a manufactured / modular home dealer, has the best process of them all.


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Step 1

Step 1 - Contact us

Contact Us

On day 1, simply give us a call and we can work out exactly what you need for your new home.

Step 2

Step 2 - Built in the factory

Factory Builds Your Home

On day 3 we will place the order for the home. We are able to build certain homes in about 4 weeks or less.

Step 3

Step 3 - Deliver & Install

Deliver & Install

On day 25, your home is ready to be delivered and installed. It usually takes 3-4 weeks to complete.

Want to take a tour of one of our factories to see how it works?

You can schedule a tour right here on the website. Our representative will give you a call to give you details.

Why Pay More?

If you think a newly built home is beyond your financial means, think again.

While traditional home constructions jobs can be prohibitively expensive, ELH, Inc. (Easy Living Homes) can make it happen for as little as half the usual price. It all depends on the specific design of the modular or manufactured home that you select, but it will be significantly less than building a new home the traditional way no matter what. ELH, Inc. (Easy Living Homes) is committed to making the process as easy and affordable as possible.

Happy familyGet Your New Home the Easy Way

Although there are many modular home builders in California, none of them come close to having the impeccable reputation that’s enjoyed by ELH Inc. (Easy Living Homes), a dealer for a hand selected few manufactured / modular builders. We are experts in helping customers design and purchase the homes of their dreams. What could be better than selecting the design of your home and having it built in as little as 60 days? Our process is simple:

  • Contact Us – The first step is to simply get in touch with us. We’ll go over the kinds of options that are available, and you can tell us what you need. There are existing designs from which to choose, and they can usually be tweaked to meet your exact needs.
  • Your Home is Built – On day three, we send your order to one of our trusted factories. As trusted modular home builders California, ELH, Inc. (Easy Living Homes) strictly relies on reputable, high-quality factories.
  • Your Home is Delivered and Installed – On day 25, your home will be delivered. From there, it will be installed. This step can take anywhere from 20 to 30 additional days. In the meantime, we’ll set up accommodations for you and your family if necessary.
At half the cost of traditional home construction, it's an affordable way to get a home that suits your needs perfectly. Why settle for less? Contact us today to get the ball rolling.