Factory Built / Modular (CBC code)

Factory Built, as it is officially referred to in California, is synonymous with the term “Modular” in other States.  In California, these homes are built to the California Building Code (CBC).

  • Factory-built housing (FBH) laws and regulations are intended to help reduce many of the costs associated with housing construction by allowing mass-production techniques combined with the benefits of a controlled atmosphere and automation of a factory.
  • Other than using automated construction, there is little or no difference between factory-built housing and site-built residential structures.
  • The construction of residential structures subject to FBH laws and regulations requires the application of the California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 24, California Building Standards Code, and FBH laws and regulations.
  • FBH products, by definition, may include single or multi-family dwellings, apartments, condominiums, hotels, motels, or dormitories or components of those structures.
  • FBH dwellings are always installed on a foundation designed to CCR Title 24 requirements and are under the jurisdiction of the local building department for permits and inspection.
  • FBH products are not subject to HCD registration or titling.
  • Factory-built housing can be installed where other similar types of housing units are built or exist. HSC Section 19993 allows local governments to exercise their local land use requirements with respect to factory-built housing, but the Attorney General has ruled that local governments may not require use permits for factory-built housing built in residential areas.
  • Local requirements imposed on factory-built housing may not differ substantially from requirements imposed on other residential buildings of the same size