Why a Modular Home in California is The Only Rational Choice

Under California law, modular homes are recognized as factory-built housing. Factory-built housing (FBH) units, as the name implies, are factory manufactured components which are assembled at a selected building site to form a modular home. The rules state that FBH units must be built and assembled “…in accordance with building standards published in the California Standards Code and other regulations adopted by the commission…”.

The California Standards code ensures that building standards are maintained for the safety of the homeowner, and the rules are vigorously enforced.

A modular home looks no different than a stick-built home. Most of the home is built inside a factory which eliminates weather delays. The factories have on-site, or readily available, inspectors who oversee construction. Energy costs are lower because the homes are built to be energy efficient and are considered green or environmentally friendly. Construction costs can run anywhere from 20% to 35% less that traditionally built homes.

A modular home will last as long as a stick-built home, perhaps longer. Because of its modular construction, it is usually stronger than a stick-built home and readily withstands most gale force winds. It holds its value and appreciates just like a site-built home.


Modular homes can be built in many styles, and in many sizes, with hundreds of personal features at your disposal. Your choice of ceramic floors, solid surface countertops, fixtures, select woods, carpeting, and many other options are available. You can also add a garage, patio or any other exterior addition to your home.

Your home will be placed on a solid foundation with a crawl space underneath, or over a basement, if you prefer. It will be completed in weeks as opposed to the months it takes to built a conventional home. The rules, guidelines and building codes adhered to in the assembly of modular homes often surpass those of traditionally built homes. And this final assembly, too, is inspected to assure that those guidelines are followed.

You can buy your own lot, any size. And choose where, on the lot, you want your home placed. You will be liable for the same real estate tax rates as your neighbor in traditional housing. And you are eligible for the same types of insurance and loan options.

All things considered, California built modular housing is a viable option for anyone planning to purchase a home. Indeed, many consider it to be the only rational choice.

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