3 Things to look for in Prefab Home Builders in California

Prefab construction techniques allow a home to be built in a short amount of time and with very few complications.

The builders who create these houses construct the walls and other features in a factory and then assemble everything on the property site later. Choosing the wrong prefab builders in California will result in a house that does not meet local codes and that could start to fall apart in just a year or two. Fortunately, potential homeowners can do some work to find the best builder in the area. There are three things to look for when choosing prefab home builders in California.

Previous Work

One of the first things to look for when choosing prefab home builders in California is a portfolio of previous work. It is normally best to ask for the addresses of some homes that were built for actual clients. Newer builders might have only a few model homes available for viewing. The key features to look for are aesthetics and condition. The homes should look appealing and should have an attractive design. Each home should also be examined for condition as well. The exterior walls, roof and windows should all appear in good shape. Good builders will construct prefab houses that easily withstand the sun and climate of California.


Factory Conditions

Most prefab home builders in California are more than happy to allow potential clients to tour the factory where the components are built. Touring the factory provides a better sense of what it is involved in the actual construction of the house. The main thing to look for during a tour is cleanliness. The factory floor should be clean and organized. A disorganized floor might indicate that workers are not using best practices to produce the different parts of a house. This could lead to problems later. It is also helpful to look at the attitude of workers. Employees who appear happy and engaged will create the highest quality homes.

Builder Policies & Personality

Anyone who is looking for prefab home builders in California will want to talk to the actual builder who will be overseeing the work. Clients and builders must work together closely until the house is done. Problems might occur during the process that will require negotiations or changes in plans. These are easiest to handle when the builder has a friendly and comfortable personality. This is also the time to ask about different policies such as warranties and work times. It might also help to ask about the qualifications and experience of the employees who will be assembling the home later.

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