5 reasons why modular homes in California are a great investment

Modular homes in California are a very popular and desired choice. There is a total of approximately 18 million people living in these attractive manufactured homes throughout the nation. Five reasons why these homes offer great investment potential are presented here.

1. Quality control and precise state and HUD Code building standards in a controlled factory by a reputable manufacturer make this type of home as well-built as site-built houses.The same roof trusses, siding, doors, windows and other components are used in both. Often the manufactured home uses 2×6 exterior construction, which is superior to the 2×4 construction in the typical site-built home. HUD inspects for workmanship, durability, strength, design, construction, fire resistance, energy efficiency and more. Manufactured homes have been found to be safer in a variety of ways and have a lower rate of fires.


2. The original price and resale value can be lower than for a site-built house, so it would be more appealing on the real estate market both for purchase and later for resale. There are hundreds of floor plans in varying styles that look just like the other homes in the neighborhood and thus can compete for purchasers. Styles include bungalows, ranch, Cape Cods, Southwest types with tile roofs and stucco exteriors, and others that can be custom-built to fulfill the owner’s dreams.

3. A well-built modular home should appreciate at approximately the same rate as a stick-built home, especially if it is anchored and blocked properly and set up on a concrete pad foundation. University studies have shown that a major factor in appreciation is location along with an attractive and well-maintained appearance outside, inside, and with appealing landscaping.

4. A modular home can often be financed as real estate, including by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), if the home and land are purchased by a homeowner, when both the home and land are considered to be a single piece of real estate by the state, and the home is on a permanent foundation. Alternate financing can be through the retailer where the home is purchased or through personal financing at a savings association, bank or credit union.

5. Modular homes in California that are well taken care of and which are in good neighborhoods have an excellent chance of being viewed as an outstanding investment.

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