7 Outdoor Flooring Ideas for Your Manufactured Home

If you are searching for outdoor flooring ideas for your manufactured home, it is amazing what a wide variety of suggestions there are and how many types of flooring exist. You can be as creative as you want to be, and you can find a vast assortment of materials to fulfill whatever flooring you can dream up to go on a deck, through a garden, or even over water. Your outdoor space can be as fashionable as the interior of your home and be a place of enjoyment for your family and friends.

1. Tiles and stones of all types enhance the area. You can add pea gravel and other textures and set those areas off with colorful tiles. You can use multicolored stones or boulders and uncut stone slabs instead of regularly shaped stone steps. Faux slate tiles are actually concrete that has been specially stained with chemicals to give its patterned look. Marble tiles are gorgeous and rich looking.

2. Patterns and designs can come from anywhere in your imagination including using stencils of favorite objects or using bold graphics or creating a checkerboard or diamond pattern. A wooden floor with old rustic patterns adds its own charm.

3. Colors can be neutral and be set off with the vibrant colors of furniture, accent cushions, plants, decorative pots and other objects. Bright splashy colors in the flooring can create spectacular beauty or provide a feeling of energy.


4. Mosaic tiles on the floor of a pool can be clearly seen and appreciated, and colorful mosaic panels can complement geometric patterns. A southwestern flair on the deck can be accomplished with flagstone flooring and a patterned rug, possibly one made by Native Americans.

5. An unusual feature is a partially sunken deck for providing an outdoor dining area, a grilling section, and for placing a cozy and shady seating spot for the hot summers and to view the peaceful and beautiful surroundings. I couldn’t find a perfect example of one, but you can get an idea from the image below.

6. Artificial turf can be used by itself or interspersed with tiles or concrete pavers to form an interesting pattern and give a true feeling of being outdoors without the maintenance required of real grass. Walls of plants can give a greenhouse effect.

7. Water can be used as a “floor” with stepping stones or undulating wooden planks crossing the pool. If you add a vegetable and fruit garden alongside the water, you can create a boardwalk to walk through that garden, admire the produce you are able to grow and enjoy that produce with your meals.

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