8 Reasons Why California is Perfect for Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes are built in a factory and transported to its chosen location when purchased. All the homes must meet the HUD code safety and constructions standards rather than the destination building codes. They are constructed in segments and tagged as a guarantee by the manufacturer of HUD code confirmation. If you are looking for living quarters that is affordable, you can choose a manufactured home to be transported to your choice location.

Aside from being cost effective, manufactured homes in California are an outstanding quality purchase, whether it is your first home or a reasonable retirement residence. They appreciate in value like other forms of housing, have so many floor plans and feature such things as walk-in closets, fully-equipped kitchens, vaulted ceilings; exteriors with vinyl siding, awnings, stucco, hardboard and other options. Many upgrades are available to your choice and manufactured homes in California require less time to construct from choice to finish than the typical site-built home.


Considering cost-effectiveness and excellent quality, there are other benefits in choosing a manufactured home. Eight reasons why California is perfect for manufactured homes include:

  1. Manufactured homes in California are a safe option for living in areas of various winds, climates and other disasters that may affect normal on-site housing.
  2. California has some of the best climates with a rare fear of tornadoes, hurricanes and floods as in other areas of the country.
  3. The crime rate in California is relatively low, making it a safe place to live.
  4. Most of the communities with manufactured homes in California have been free of the dangers of wild fires that spread across the state in the past 10 years with their fire-resistant construction.
  5. These homes are nearly maintenance-free, making them more cost-effective with upkeep.
  6. Earthquakes in the manufactured communities are virtually nonexistent. This is because they are installed on strong steel support piers that are as sturdy as the seismic support to protect the structure in the event of an earthquake. They are also equipped with strong exterior studs and extreme percentage of shear walls that can withstand required parameters during the rattling and shaking of an earthquake.
  7. All of the manufactured homes in California are inspected to meet the approval of the federal, state and inspection agencies and all communities must adhere to evacuation procedures of the state in the event of a disaster.
  8. Living in a manufactured home in the state of California can not only afford a safe environment but offers many activities for people of all ages, whether as a first home owner or looking for an affordable retirement residence. There are great golf courses on the premises, at nearby Country Clubs and just moments from the ocean. In fact, many manufactured home communities are like living in a resort-like atmosphere with pools, spas and other activities to include tennis, poker, yoga, bowling, dances, along with economical planned trips and tours.

There are many other amenities of living in a manufactured home in California. They provide comfortable living areas of at least 1400 sq. ft., and without common walls, they provide more security and privacy than living in an apartment, duplex or condominium. With all its safety features and affordability, the manufactured homes look just like a site-built residence and offer yards, patios, sheds and sometimes garages.

The beauty of California is all around you when living in a manufactured home with mountains, ocean views, city lights and hills. Many of the communities are gated for safety and security, and include maintenance and upkeep of the beautiful landscaping. Living in California can afford you a luxurious lifestyle while finding a home that is gorgeous and cost-effective by choosing a manufactured home and community.

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