What is a Mobile Home?

Mobile homes today are a far cry from the trailers that started it all. Early trailers that were used for habitation purposes were small, designed for camping or other temporary living conditions. Beginning in the early 1950’s, they started getting larger, eventually becoming full time homes for many people. No longer trailers, although the name […]

Modular VS Manufactured: What is the difference?

Before getting into the pros and cons of Modular VS manufactured housing, we should first look into the difference in manufactured homes. Frequently called mobile homes or even worse, trailers, they are often considered to be (how should I say this?) less respectable. But all manufactured housing is not located in run down trailer parks. I recently […]

Mobile homes for sale in Temecula CA

Mobile Homes in Temecula California: One Look Will Do the Trick In the past few years, Temecula CA has become a premier location to live in Southern California. Located equidistant between Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County, Temecula began its modern history as a commuter town, but with growth and time it has transformed […]