How Much Do Manufactured Homes Cost?

Manufactured homes are built entirely in a factory and may be single or multi-sectioned. They are an affordable housing choice for approximately 20 million Americans.

“According to the US Census, the average manufactured home is 78% cheaper than the average site built home.”

They not only cost less than site-built homes but they also are typically built in less than half the time of conventional homes with a fraction of the waste and can be ready to move into in just a few months. They are built by experienced specialists in a controlled environment with no lost time due to weather delays and with no damaged or stolen materials. Manufactured homes must also meet local and federal regulations regarding construction, strength, durability, energy efficiency, fire resistance and other factors as well as transportability.

There are hundreds of floor plans in different styles and sizes and endless options that can be incorporated to satisfy your individual needs, so the actual cost will depend on what is chosen in addition to the average of $52.00 per square foot for the manufactured home itself.


Added costs will be further determined by the interior options, installation by a company that specializes in that type of installation, the final location and the size of the lot, preparations needed on the site and many other factors involved. Whether you place your new manufactured home on your own private properly-zoned land or in a rental community or in a planned subdivision can affect the final cost to a large degree.

The size of the rooms, walk-in closets, high-end appliances, custom cabinets and other fully-equipped kitchen luxuries such as the choice of counter tops, fancy bathrooms with recessed tubs, built-in entertainment centers, light fixtures, fireplaces, carpeting and more add greatly to the cost of the home.

Buying a manufactured home makes good financial sense because they are less expensive and require a lower down payment. According to the US Census, the average manufactured home is 78% cheaper than the average site built home. However, it is still a long-term commitment and cannot be entered into lightly.

It takes a lot of legwork either in person or online to see what makes and models are available as well as the price, and if that price and the monthly payments fit into your budget, the floor plans, what the loan terms are, the reliability of the manufacturer or retailer, if the transport and installation are included in the price and who is providing and warranting them, what guarantees are offered and all other pertinent information.

A contract must state in detail about all construction and the other details above. Do not sign a contract in haste until you and possibly an attorney have absorbed the contents completely and know the final cost and who is responsible for what.

Manufactured homes are beautiful cost-effective residences that are customized to become the high-quality and comfortable dream residence that you and your family have always desired.

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