How to Find the Best New Home Builders in Temecula CA

They say that “a man’s home is his castle,” but it’s highly unlikely that your home built today will last through the centuries like the many castles throughout Europe. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look for the best builder in Temecula and best built home that you can afford. It is, after all, one of the biggest investments you will ever make. But how can you find the best builder?

A good place to start is by making a list of all the builders in the Temecula area. To save time, search the internet. Then call around, visit the ones that sound the most promising. Ask the builders for the addresses of houses they have built, then drive around and take a look at them. Talk to the owners, if possible. Ask questions. How well do they like their home? Would they use the same builder if they planned to build another home? Make notes and compare their answers.

Visit home shows and open houses. Inspect the quality of the cabinets and closets. Is the painting and trim work acceptable? If you contract with a company to build your home, they must agree to include the quality and types of features that want. Make sure the builder can address your wishes and will include them in the contract package.


If the builder has other homes under construction, ask to visit some of the construction sites to see how well the homes are constructed ‘underneath’ the finished product. If you don’t feel qualified, hire your own inspector to for a professional opinion. Choose a builder who shares information readily and is willing to allow access to inspection records.

Be sure to verify their licensing and qualifications. Ask for references. Make sure they’re bonded. Check with the Better Business Bureau or other available associations to see if, or how many, complaints have been registered. If you find something that looks suspicious, check with the county courthouse for any lawsuits or liens naming the builder.

Don’t forget to check financing options. Look for a builder that can offer 100% financing, if possible. If you are a veteran and a California resident, be sure to check into a Cal-Vet loan. In many cases, it offers the best financing to qualified applicants.

What about warranties? Do they respond quickly to resolve any problems? It is important, on your pre-closing walk-through, to get the builder to acknowledge in writing any items that need to be addressed.

It is the owner’s responsibility to follow up and follow through on everything that needs attention. And a cooperative, respected and established builder can make the the building of your home a dream come true rather than a nightmare to be avoided.

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