Is A Modular Home Just Cheap And Flimsy?

A modular home is very similar to a home that is built from the ground up on a piece of property, also sometimes called a stick-built home. The materials used in a modular home are usually the same materials. Modular homes are built even sturdier than on site homes, since they have to withstand being moved in pieces and then being assembled on a foundation. They are normally amazingly energy-efficient and attractive, too, since they are built to your exact specifications.

The best thing is, once modular homes are up, it is almost impossible to tell them apart from traditional homes built on a site, on a foundation. Modular homes are built in a factory setting, where variables like weather are totally controlled. They are placed on a foundation later at the home site. There are no delays caused by things like storm damage, vandalism or theft either.


Modular Homes Cost Less And They Are Considered Equal To Traditional Homes
Costs are lower since many of the construction materials used in a modular home are bought in huge quantities, making them cheaper. You benefit from materials that are bought in bulk. They also take less time to complete, saving even more. Most modular homes can be finished in as little as three months, compared to a year for a traditional home. In fact, modular homes cost an average of 20 percent less than a stick-built home. So yes, these homes are cheaper, and no, they definitely are not cheap – at least not in the negative sense of the word.

When you choose to take out a loan for a modular home, it is treated the same way by finance companies as a traditional home loan. The appraisal process is the same and appraisals of modular homes fall in line with appraised values of other homes in your neighborhood. Home insurance companies also treat modular homes the same way they treat stick-built homes.

Modular Homes Are Definitely Not Flimsy Either
Since modular homes are built with the help of factory machines, things like taking measurements, leveling and other aspects of construction are done in a more precise way, effectively taking human error out of the equation. Today’s modular homes are constructed at least as well as traditional homes, maybe even better. They are built to the same high standards and their construction follows similar codes as their traditional counterparts.

When building a modular home, 30 percent more materials are used in its construction.
This helps to make sure that the home will stand up to all the bumps and jarring it will receive, from the bumpiness present on most roads, when it is transported to the home site. Sections of the home will also be lifted and placed on its foundation by a crane. So, all sections need to be exceptionally sturdy.

Not The Same Homes As Early Modular Homes
These are not homes that some people in the past might have associated with low-income or government housing found in less desirable neighborhoods. Modular homes today are found in communities across the country, in affluent and in high-end, desirable suburban communities. They are exceptionally beautiful and most people cannot tell them apart from traditional homes in the same neighborhood.

Technological advances have created the ability to build solid, well constructed, unique and beautiful homes, at a discounted price. Smart home buyers are finding this out and are having modular homes built. You’ll find that you get the home of your dreams, at a fraction of the cost. Modular homes are one of the hottest new trends in home building today.

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