What is so special about manufactured homes?

I think the idea of manufactured homes has a bad stigma attached to it. Most people picture these houses as ugly little buildings in trailer parks. What you might be forgetting is that the technology used for building factory houses has improved significantly over time, making it affordable, fast, and easy to purchase a factory home. These buildings are still safe to live in and are assembled very quickly. Any problems you might have with building this type of home can be dispelled quickly.

Manufactured homes are built in pieces inside large factories. The pieces are then transported to the building site and put together, creating a deceivingly normal-looking single family home. Because these houses are built quickly with standardized procedures and parts, they are often very affordable while containing normal amenities expected in any home. A very basic manufactured home can cost around $25,000 — an excellent starting price!

Improvements in technology have allowed manufacturing processes to perfect over time. Factory homes conform to international building codes, making it extremely easy to have one approved for building in your area. You wouldn’t believe it, but manufactured homes might even be stronger than normal stick-built homes. This is because factory houses contain about 20 percent more lumber than a conventional home.


Despite being built somewhat unconventionally, factory homes contain all the same amenities as regular houses. Cooling, heating, and plumbing are all included or easily added to the house. Not only that, but these houses can be built to look just like any other in the neighborhood. They’re no longer simple little mobile homes you’re used to seeing on the beds of large trucks. The reason why I love the these homes is because they’re cheap, normal, and perfectly safe.

What’s the difference between a manufactured home and a mobile home? Old mobile homes were built in the ’70s and had a specific look to them. They’re the smaller homes you see built on trailers that can possibly be wheeled to another location. They’re lighter and potentially more dangerous due to being prone to bad weather. A manufactured home can take any other shape or size and is built on a permanent steel chassis. Like with mobile homes, some subdivisions may not allow factory-built homes.

One interesting advantage of manufactured homes is that they’re arguably more friendly to the environment than stick-built homes. This is because there is no waste, debris, or disturbance on-site. A traditional build will have heaps of garbage piled up by the end of the day. Everything used for a manufactured home is contained within the factory.

Additionally, some factory-built homes can be modular. This means more sections can be added later on, easily increasing the size of your home. Adding onto a traditional home can be very difficult and time-consuming, but modular manufactured homes are built for expansion.

I don’t think there has been a better time to build a manufactured home. They have all the same features and safety requirements of a normal home without the hefty price. If you have the time, do some research on manufactured and modular homes.

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