How Do Stick Built Homes Compare to Modular Homes?

Before discussing the differences between on-site, conventionally built homes and modular homes, let’s resolve a common misconception. A modular home is a manufactured home, but it should not be confused with what is commonly referred to as a mobile home. Modular homes bear little resemblance to mobile homes; modular homes look like site- or stick-built […]

How to Find the Best New Home Builders in Temecula CA

They say that “a man’s home is his castle,” but it’s highly unlikely that your home built today will last through the centuries like the many castles throughout Europe. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look for the best builder in Temecula and best built home that you can afford. It is, after all, one […]

What is the Difference Between a Prefab & a Manufactured Home?

Many times prefab and manufactured homes look alike, but under their outward appearances there are major differences. Some of the things you should know are listed below. Prefab homes Prefab homes are built and shipped in sections, then assembled on site. There are basically two types: modular built and panel built. Modular Homes, as the […]

7 Stylish Designs That Will Transform Your Kitchen

Whether you’re fashioning a kitchen for your brand new modular or conventionally built home, or remodeling the kitchen that you have in your older home, you can still design it to reflect your unique style or personality. Even if your kitchen is so small that you have to close the refrigerator door to open the […]