What is so special about manufactured homes?

I think the idea of manufactured homes has a bad stigma attached to it. Most people picture these houses as ugly little buildings in trailer parks. What you might be forgetting is that the technology used for building factory houses has improved significantly over time, making it affordable, fast, and easy to purchase a factory […]

8 Reasons Why California is Perfect for Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes are built in a factory and transported to its chosen location when purchased. All the homes must meet the HUD code safety and constructions standards rather than the destination building codes. They are constructed in segments and tagged as a guarantee by the manufacturer of HUD code confirmation. If you are looking for […]

Manufactured Homes with Porches: 14 Design Ideas

If you are lucky enough to have your manufactured home installed on your own lot, the possibilities for porch designs are endless. However, those owners who have to work within the confined space of a small rented lot in a “mobile” home park have more of a challenge. Whatever your needs, maybe some of the […]

Modular VS Manufactured: What is the difference?

Before getting into the pros and cons of Modular VS manufactured housing, we should first look into the difference in manufactured homes. Frequently called mobile homes or even worse, trailers, they are often considered to be (how should I say this?) less respectable. But all manufactured housing is not located in run down trailer parks. I recently […]

7 Outdoor Flooring Ideas for Your Manufactured Home

If you are searching for outdoor flooring ideas for your manufactured home, it is amazing what a wide variety of suggestions there are and how many types of flooring exist. You can be as creative as you want to be, and you can find a vast assortment of materials to fulfill whatever flooring you can […]