7 Stylish Designs That Will Transform Your Kitchen

Whether you’re fashioning a kitchen for your brand new modular or conventionally built home, or remodeling the kitchen that you have in your older home, you can still design it to reflect your unique style or personality. Even if your kitchen is so small that you have to close the refrigerator door to open the […]

10 Little Known Ways to Make Your Windows Energy Efficient

Choosing stylish energy efficient windows to be built into your new home is much easier than upgrading existing windows in an older home. However, it’s certainly not an ‘impossible dream’. It’s best to shop locally. Local experts are more able to advise you concerning weather conditions in your area. Look around and see what’s available. […]

10 Gorgeous Porch Ideas

Your front porch, unlike your back porch or patio, is usually open to public view. It’s the first thing people see when they come to your door. And you know what they say about first impressions! Your front porch should be clean, tidy and uncluttered. For most people, the back porch is where all the […]

7 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Front Yard

No matter how large or small your front yard may be, it takes just a few ideas and a little imagination to transform it from a drab, lifeless space to a welcoming, interesting garden. Walks A walkway through your yard space might help. Try flagstone or cobblestone instead of the plain look of concrete. Find […]

Manufactured Homes with Porches: 14 Design Ideas

If you are lucky enough to have your manufactured home installed on your own lot, the possibilities for porch designs are endless. However, those owners who have to work within the confined space of a small rented lot in a “mobile” home park have more of a challenge. Whatever your needs, maybe some of the […]

7 Outdoor Flooring Ideas for Your Manufactured Home

If you are searching for outdoor flooring ideas for your manufactured home, it is amazing what a wide variety of suggestions there are and how many types of flooring exist. You can be as creative as you want to be, and you can find a vast assortment of materials to fulfill whatever flooring you can […]